“Tropical Butterflies”

On Tuesday 15th May 2018 at 6.30pm.
Colombian Consulate,
Ground Floor,
Westcott House,
35 Portland Pl.,
London W1B 1AE

Dr. Blanca Huertas and Mr Thomas Donegan.

Dr Blanca Huertas (Natural History Museum) has agreed to give a presentation, together with her husband, Mr. Thomas Donegan, on the subject of “Tropical Butterflies”. Dr. Huertas is the Senior Curator of Lepidoptera and she is responsible for the direct care, development and access of the Butterfly Collections at the Museum.

She works actively in Taxonomy, Systematics and Conservation of Lepidoptera in various international initiatives and she is involved in Colombia. She is the coordinator for the Tropical Andean Butterfly Project (Darwin Initiative). She is the Member of the IUCN Butterfly Specialist group and the North American Butterflies Association Scientific Names Committee (NABA).