Birding in Colombia and its benefits to communities

In “Birding in Colombia and its benefits to communities”, biologist Ivan Lau talked about the unique birdwatching opportunities in one of the most biodiverse and ‘birdiest’ countries in the world.

Event held on Wednesday 6th July at 6:30pm BST via Zoom.

About the speaker

Iván Lau – A birdwatcher since childhood and biologist by profession, Iván currently works as a birding guide throughout Colombia.

He has a special interest in biogeography and birding guiding all around Colombia. He is obsessed with bird songs and you can listen to his recordings here: and

About Nature Colombia

Nature Colombia is a leading bird watching company in Colombia with more than ten years of experience developing its outdoor programs, raising awareness among its clients about the country’s incredible biodiversity. It also offers programs combining nature and culture.