Greening the peace in Colombia by promoting biodiversity in sustainable livelihoods

About the speaker

Mr. Diazgranados is a Research Leader for Diversity and Livelihoods in the Natural Capital and Plant Health Department of Kew Science. He leads research projects based in tropical developing countries, primarily in Latin America, focused on studying utilised, neglected and under-utilised plants, their main threats and conservation status, and their sustainable use. He has significant experience working on the páramos and Andean ecosystems and currently leads Kew’s Colombia Bio Programme, which aims to support the sustainable development of Colombia’s biodiversity resources involving a robust scientific programme in partnership with various local organisations.

Colombia is known to be one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. Nevertheless, the current knowledge on inventory and monitoring of biodiversity and ecosystems does not fully reflect this richness, being incomplete in certain regions. Kew Science will be involved in a significant number of research projects over the next 4-5 years (from 2017) under the umbrella of the Colombia Bio programme. This particular project is designed to assess the impact of climate change on important plants for the ecosystem services of the páramos of Boyacá, one of 32 regions in Colombia.