First Colombian Scientific Expedition to Antarctica

Colombia is on the way to become a consultative party of the Antarctic treaty. To achieve this, the country had to face many operational and scientific challenges in order to achieve their first expedition to Antarctica during the summer 2014 – 2015. The operation was named “Caldas “, which was planned and led by the Colombian Navy, the Colombian Maritime Authority and the Oceanographic Commission.

Captain Molares is a Physical Oceanographer and MSc in Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management graduated from the Technological University of Delft, Netherland. He is the Naval Attaché for the UK and he is the Colombian representative in IMO.

On board of the oceanographic research vessel ARC Malpelo was in charge of the laboratories and maneuvering of scientific equipment (1991-1993). During 1999/2000 he became the Commander of the hydrographic ship ARC Quindio.

In 2000/2007 he participated in projects as a scientist researcher in ocean modelling of the Caribbean Oceanographic and Hydrographic Research Institute in which he became the Executive Director during 2013-2015.

As the Director of the Pacific Oceanographic and Hydrographic Research Institute (2007/2009), he planned, organized, build and ran the Colombian Tsunami Warning Center first placed in Tumaco (Colombian Pacific coast), which includes a net of tide gauges, wave buoys and meteorological stations along the Colombian Pacific coast.