Ignacio’s Legacy (2016)

About the event

Brian Moser first visited the Piraparaná region and its different communities in 1960 as part of an expedition to record their music and to visually document their lives, resulting in the short film Piraparaná

Over the subsequent 50 years and in collaboration with the anthropologists Stephen and Christine Hugh-Jones, Brian made three further acclaimed documentary films in the region: War of the Gods (1971), A Small Family Business (1983), and Before Columbus (1992).

In 2016, Brian returned to the Piraparaná with his son Titus and Christine and Stephen to give back to the Barasana and Makuna communities the music, photos and films that had been recorded in the intervening years.

The film Ignacio’s Legacy documents this return trip as well as peoples’ reactions to the different visual materials. In addition, and drawing upon on the earlier films, it explores changes to the culture and lives of the Barasana and Makuna people since Brian’s first visit almost 60 years ago.