Academic Lessons from the War on Drugs

About the speaker

by: Dr. John Collins, is Executive Director of the LSE’s International Drug Policy Unit (IDPU), a Fellow of the LSE US Centre and a Distinguished Visiting Fellow of the Yale Centre for the Study of Globalization.

He is also Coordinator and Contributing Editor for the LSE Expert Group on the Economics of Drug Policy. Previously, he was contributing editor of the 2014 LSE Blue Ribbon report Ending the Drug Wars and the 2012 LSE IDEAS Special Report, Governing the Global Drug Wars. He has led a number of policy projects at IDPU, including a British Council Newton Fund Institutional Links grant with the Universidad de Los Andes, examining ‘illicit drug production and the search for peace in Colombia.’

He is currently a co-Investigator on a Global Challenges Research Fund project examining illicit drug economies in the borderlands of Myanmar, Afghanistan and Colombia and PI on a major Open Society Foundations Institutional Support grant focusing on drugs and sustainable development.