Presentation on the ‘ARC Gloria’, by Captain Juan Francisco Herrera Leal

The ARC Gloria (displacement of 1,300 tons) is a training ship and official flagship of the Colombian Navy. In 1966 The Colombian Navy, with Vice Admiral Orlando Lemaitre Torres as its commander, acquired the three-masted barque. A formal contract was signed with the Spanish shipyard Celaya of Bilbao in 1966. The ship will come to London at the end of 2015 summer and members will have the chance to visit it.

About the speaker

Captain Juan Francisco Herrera Leal has 30 years of service in the Colombian Navy, during which time he has had positions aboard various ships. During the first ten years of his career he sailed the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea and some important rivers including the Magdalena, Meta and San Juan.

For the last 20 years he has served in positions of the Maritime Authority of Colombia. He has have served as Harbourmaster for five most important harbours in the country.

He was a cadet in 1987 in the Gloria. He sailed around South America, including Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Lima and Quito. In London he has worked on the International Maritime Organization and will share his overall experience with the audience.