Discovering Colombia: Butterflies and Birds of the World’s Most Biodiverse Country

About the event

Dr. Blanca Huertas and Mr Thomas Donegan talkedus about their adventures on over 20 years of research expeditions and conservation projects throughout Colombia, studying some of the most iconic habitats and species on Earth. Colombia has the richest diversity of any country on Earth, and is a treasure trove for new species discoveries.

it was a most an entertaining evening with stories of working in difficult conditions during Colombia’s conflict as well as more promising times in Colombia’s peace, with stunning photographic footage of little-known forests and their colourful birds and butterflies.

About the speaker

Dr. Blanca Huertas and Mr Thomas Donegan is a Colombian scientist in charge of the butterfly collections at the Natural History Museum. Long-term collaborator and partner Thomas Donegan is a British bird expert and co-author of The Birds of Colombia Field Guide.