1. The name of the Society shall be “The Anglo-Colombian Society”

2. The objects of the Society are:-
a) To promote close and friendly relations between Colombia and the United Kingdom;
b) To foster in the United Kingdom a knowledge of Colombia and Colombian culture;
c) To provide a centre for Colombian Students and visitors to the United Kingdom;
d) To co-operate with all kindred societies.

3. In accordance with the aforementioned objects, the Society shall promote:-
(i) Lectures, conferences, and other functions to further the objects of the Society;
(ii) Any other schemes or activities whereby in the opinion of the Executive Committee the objects of the Society may be furthered.

4. The Ambassador, or in this absence the head of Mission of the Republic of Colombia at the Court of St. James’s shall be invited to become Honorary President of the Society.

5. Any private individual, firm or corporate body, whether in the Unite Kingdom, Colombia or elsewhere, interested in the Society shall be eligible for membership. A prospective member shall be proposed by a member and seconded by another member in writing. The election of a member shall be at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

6. The financial year of the Society shall en on the 31st December.

7. The membership subscription shall be determined from time to time by the Executive Committee. The membership subscription for 2007 shall be:-

Individual Membership £18 per annum this item to be updated
Joint Membership £28 per annum
Corporate Membership £100 per annum
Student £10 per annum (accompanied by a school letter)
Life membership Ten times the above accordingly

Private individuals may become life members for one subscription of the times the annual subscription.

Any member whose subscription has not been paid by the 30th June of the year to which the subscription pertains shall cease to be a member, but may be reinstated on such terms as the Executive Committee may think proper.

Any member may resign by giving notice in writing to the Secretary, and such resignation shall take effect on the 31st December.
7A. Members of the Sociedad Colombo-Británica de Bogotá shall be entitled to all the privileges of the membership of the Society when visiting the U.K. for a period of up to one year without payment of any further subscription. Should their visit extend beyond one year, they will automatically become ordinary members of the Society and shall pay the annual subscription ruling at that time for an ordinary member.

8. Firms or corporate bodies, being members, may nominate any person to exercise all rights pertaining to them by virtue of their membership, but the Executive Committee may, if they so determine, require such nomination to be in writing.

9. The Officers of the Society shall be the Chairman, three Deputy-Chairmen (of who, one shall be of Colombian nationality), the Honorary Treasurer and the Honorary Secretary. They shall be elected from amongst their members at the first Executive Committee meeting following the Annual General Meeting. They shall hold office for one year and shall be eligible for re-election.

10. The management of the Society shall be vested in the Executive Committee, which shall consist of the Chairman, the Deputy Chairmen, the Honorary Treasurer, the Honorary Secretary and not more than sixteen members. In addition the Honorary President shall be an ex-officio member of the Executive Committee. This Committee shall have full powers to regulate its own procedure and to co-opt members to fill any casual vacancies.

The quorum for the transaction of business at a meeting of the Executive Committee shall be four members of whom at least two shall be officers.

11. Members of the Executive Committee shall be elected by a majority at the Annual General Meeting. They shall hold office for one year and be eligible for re-election. Every member of the Society shall be entitled to nominate candidates for election to the Executive Committee; such nominations shall be submitted in writing to the Honorary Secretary at least seven days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

12. The Executive Committee shall have the power to invite suitable personas to become Honorary Vice-Presidents of Honorary Members of the Society, but such persons shall not be entitled to vote or to serve as members of the Committee.

13. The Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held not later than four months after close of the Financial year, to receive the Report and Balance Sheet of the Society, to elect the Executive Committee, to elect the Solicitor and the Auditors, and to consider any other business of which at least seven days notice in writing shall have been given.

14. A copy of the Notice convening the Annual General meeting of the Society shall be despatched to all members at least fourteen days before the date of the meeting.

15. An Extraordinary General Meeting maybe called at any time by the Executive Committee or by any ten members of the Society who may address a written request to that effect to the Honorary Secretary. At least fourteen days notice of any such meeting, stating the nature of the business to be presented thereat shall be given by the Executive Committee.

16. The quorum for the transaction of any business at a General Meeting shall be ten members present in person. Each member, whether business or private, shall have one vote and in the case of an equality of votes, the Chairman of the General Meeting shall be binding on all members, whether present or not.

In default of a quorum at any General Meeting the meeting shall be adjourned for at least seven days, and the adjourned meeting any number of members present shall form a quorum.

17. The control of any funds, investment or property which may be acquired or held by the Society shall be in the hands of the Executive Committee who may, if they think fir, appoint trustees for their administration.

18. The income and property shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the Society’s objects and no portion thereof shall be paid by way of dividend bonus or otherwise by way of profit to members of the Society; provided that nothing that is herein contained shall prevent the payment in good faith of reasonable and proper remuneration or expenses to any Officers or servants of the Society, or to any member of the society or other persons in return of any services actually rendered to the Society.

19. The liquidation and dissolution of the Society and any amendments to these rules may only be decided by a two-thirds majority at an Extraordinary General Meeting called for the purpose. Any surplus on liquidation shall be used for the furtherance of Anglo-Colombian relations at the discretions of the Executive Committee.